Arc’Teryx Exterior in Los Angelos


Vancouver-based Arc’Teryx produces high-end outdoor equipment and apparel – focusing on superior performance and design. Its strength in design carries through its retail stores as well, pushing the envelope for creativity and quality.

CMG joined the Arc’Teryx team in 2016 to assist in the construction of their Chicago location in the Bucktown neighborhood and has since completed sites throughout the US and Canada as the company continues to execute its retail store growth.

Arc’Teryx exterior storefront
Arc’Teryx Interior Display
Arc’Teryx Exterior of Storefront building in Chicago, IL
Arc’Teryx Interior Construction
Arc’Teryx Interior Store Construction
Arc’Teryx interior store display construction
Arc’Teryx photo of exterior from sidewalk
Arc’Teryx indoor framing and duct work construction
Arc’Teryx Interior displays of merchandise
Arc’Teryx service desk and mural of mountains
Arc’Teryx exterior storefront in Los Angelos, California
Arc’Teryx LaBrea Interior
Arc’Teryx Interior Display Wall
Arc’Teryx Store Interior
Arc’Teryx Interior store and feature wall
Arc’Teryx Interior Display Construction
Arc’Teryx Interior construction blueprints
Arc’Teryx front of building construction
Arc’Teryx exterior of shopping center construction
Arc’Teryx Interior wall and skylight construction
Arc’Teryx interior construction
Arc’Teryx lighting and display racks
Arc’Teryx Palo Alto Exterior
Arc’Teryx Interior store and displays
Arc’Teryx Service Counter
Arc’Teryx Stanford service desk and interior displays
Arc’Teryx Interior frame construction
Arc’Teryx interior construction
Arc’Teryx interior construction
Arc’Teryx Design with Intent feature wall
Arc’Teryx feature wall mural and merchandise displays
Arc’Teryx interior wall construction
Arc’Teryx fossil logo